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27 March - 5 April  2014
King Street Theatre
644 King Street
Newtown NSW, 2042


           0423 082 015




27 March 7:30pm Thur

28 March 7:30pm Fri

29 March 7:30pm Sat


Th 3 April 7:30pm * Thur

Fri 4 April 7:30pm Fri

Sat 5 April 7:30pm Sat


*Post Show Talkback immediately following this performance with invited Scholars and Playwrights




Possessions is available for touring - Click here to see our Promotional Trailer !

Conceived and Written and Performed by

Jane Bergeron and Carrie Ann Quinn


Sydney Artistic Team:

Directorial Support by

Luke Mullins & Anna Kamarali

Costume Design and Props by

Tess Evans

Scenic Design by

Anthony Phelps

Lighting Design by

Stephen Hawker

Sound Support by

Jeremy Silver

Projection Images by

Megan Kinneen




POSSESSIONS: A Traveling Premiere opened in 2013 at Boston Playwrights' Theatre in Boston, MA USA and traveled to Sydney Australia in 2014.

Two sisters: beautiful, smart, wealthy beyond imagination. The Kings of England and France sought their hands in marriage. The journey of their lives was all mapped out….


Then fate stepped in and everything changed.

In the seventeenth century, the beautiful Mancini sisters became notorious for abandoning their aristocratic husbands, dressing as men and travelling unchaperoned throughout Europe. In and out of chateaux, courts and convents, they lived scandalous lives. Even more shockingly, they attempted to salvage their tarnished reputations by writing and publishing their memoirs.

POSSESSIONS weaves together the historical narrative of the Mancini sisters’ lives with contemporary texts and letters to create a poetic, evocative and thought-provoking piece of original theatre that explores how themes in the lives of these fearless and fascinating women resonate with women’s lives today. 


Possessions'  2014  production at King Street Theatre has ended. Thanks for supporting our successful run in Australia!                                                  Double click me.

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